Hangzhou Shida Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add: No 2.Baiye Road.Xikou Village.Baizhang Town,Yuhang District.Hangzhou
Tel: 0086-571-88566596 88566597 88566598
FAX: 0086-571-88565590



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Hangzhou Shida Machinery Co., Ltd.

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2018/11/21 16:34
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Hangzhou Shida Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hangzhou Threading Machine Factory, was established in 1980. It was originally a collectively owned enterprise. It was originally affiliated to Hangzhou Shangcheng District Planning and Economic Committee. With the continuous expansion of production scale, it was renamed Hangzhou in 1993. Threading machine factory; With the continuous deepening of reform, advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating, the company was restructured and established Hangzhou Threading Machine Co., Ltd. in 2000; in order to further expand production capacity and improve corporate social benefits, the company was in the air in 2002. Hangzhou Baida Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the Baizhang Industrial Park in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City with a beautiful environment. Our company is a professional manufacturer of electric cutting tube and threading machine in China. It is the leading enterprise in the production of Threading Machine. Our company's "Hutou Brand" series products are widely used in water pipes, gas pipes, chemical pipelines and oil pipelines. High-demand pipeline laying construction, quality and technical level in the domestic counterparts, is in the leading position of the vanguard, is the development unit of the Threading Machine Industry Department.

Hangzhou Shida Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hangzhou Threading Machine Factory, was established in 1980. It was originally a collectively owned enterprise. It was originally affiliated to Hangzhou Shangcheng District Planning and Economic Committee. With the continuous expansion of production scale, it was renamed Hangzhou in 1993. Threading machine factory; With the continuous deepening of reform, advancing with the times, pioneering and innovating, the company was restructured and established Hangzhou Threading Machine Co., Ltd. in 2000; in order to further expand production capacity and improve corporate social benefits, the company was in the air in 2002. Hangzhou Baida Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the Baizhang Industrial Park in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City with a beautiful environment. Our company is a professional manufacturer of electric cutting tube and threading machine in China. It is the leading enterprise in the production of Threading Machine. Our company's "Hutou Brand" series products are widely used in water pipes, gas pipes, chemical pipelines and oil pipelines. High-demand pipeline laying construction, quality and technical level in the domestic counterparts, is in the leading position of the vanguard, is the development unit of the Threading Machine Industry Department.