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What is Special Safety Requirement for Operation

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Special Safety Requirement for Operation
 ● Keep the working site clean and bright(illumination condition 600lux) as disorder and darkness may cause accidents.
● To avoid electric shock, donot expose the machine in the rain or operate it in moist workshop.
● Operators should wear tight clothing, operators should remove gloves, jewelry, watch or likewise and should not loosen long hair.
● When the threading machine(including its accessories) is installed in the working site, use the 30mA leakage resistance switch only.
● The following is forbidden when the machine is running:
   ----Touching or grabbing the workpieces.
   ----Replacing or removing components(pipe accessories, valve or pipes etc.)
● Keep children away when the machine is running, they are forbidden to operate the machine or drag the cable and wires.
● Avoid overload operation, the unsuitable accessories, overload operation and blunt or damaged screwing die must not be used for fear that the machine would be damaged.
● Maintain this machine with care, lubricate the machine and replace the accessories according to the instruction of this manual operation to make the operation safer. Check the cables of the machine regularly . If there is any danger, it must be repaired by technician immediately. Keep various handles clean and tidy all the time. Keep them free of oil pollution.
● Turn the power off. Pull the attaching plug out when the machine is not in use.
● Starting the motor carelessly is forbidden, make sure the switch is at the position of “off” before the plug is connected with the machine.
● Do not operate the machine when the operator is tired, or if he has used any drugs.
● Check worn parts, check any cutting tools and parts carefully before using them, and see if they are in normal working condition and function. Any damaged parts must be repaired and replaced by professional technicians.
● Operation is forbidden when any switch can not be properly turned on or off.