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Hangzhou Shida Machinery Co., Ltd. has 1/2"-6" five series products, 15 specifications of threading machine and pipe bender

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2018/11/21 16:39
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Hangzhou Shida Machinery Co., Ltd. has 1/2"-6" five series of products, 15 specifications of threading machine and pipe bender. Besides domestic sales, the products are also exported to Western Europe, Middle East, South America and other regions. The "Tiger Head" series products enjoy a certain popularity at home and abroad. Annual production of more than 20,000 sets of various threading machines, annual output value of more than 30 million, the company has five functional departments, five main production workshops, the company is currently working hard to update the concept, deepen reform, system innovation, strive for material and spiritual civilization construction to a higher level, the company will become the world's first-class industry. Enterprise.

Hangzhou Shida Machinery Co., Ltd. has 1/2"-6" five series of products, 15 specifications of threading machine and pipe bender. Besides domestic sales, the products are also exported to Western Europe, Middle East, South America and other regions. The "Tiger Head" series products enjoy a certain popularity at home and abroad. Annual production of more than 20,000 sets of various threading machines, annual output value of more than 30 million, the company has five functional departments, five main production workshops, the company is currently working hard to update the concept, deepen reform, system innovation, strive for material and spiritual civilization construction to a higher level, the company will become the world's first-class industry. Enterprise.