Z1T-SD100R Multi-Function Pipe Threading Machine 1/2"-4"

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Z1T-SD100R Multi-Function Pipe Threading Machine 1/2"-4"


♦ 1/4"-2" quick-open die head with dies which fit for RIDGID Dies.
♦ 2-1/2"-4" self-open profiling die head works with profiling system, enables precise straight tapes.
♦ Foot switch and FOR/OFF/REV Switch optional, emergency stop.
♦ RIDGID interchanged quick-install chuck jaw inserts.
♦ Oil back-flow device, keeping oil flowing from die head back to oil tank.
♦ High torque motor goes in forward and Reverse for easy clean-up of the threads and removal of pipe.


Main Technical Parameter


Main Parameters

Paramters Content

Pipe Capacity


Applicable Threader Standard


Output Power


Efficient Speed

11/22 RPM


120V or 110V, single phase, or customized


50Hz or 60Hz


1/2”-3/4”, 1”-2”, RIDGID interchangeable


Gross/Net Weight


Packing Size



Standard Accessories

♦ One set of Quick-open Die Head & one set of self-open Die Head

♦ One set of 1/2”-3/4” Die

♦ One set of 1”-2” Die

♦ One set of 2.1/2”-4” Die

♦ One set of 1/2"-4" Cutter Kit

♦ One set of 1/2"-4" Reamer Cutter Kit

♦ Four pcs of tubular supporter 

♦ Foot Switch


Optional Accessories

♦ Reverse Switch

♦ Threader Stands

♦ One set of 1/4”-3/8” Die


Detailed Picture


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